Higher capacities, shorter non-wetting distances!

DRI‐STEEM is pleased to announce several new dispersion performance improvements, including increased tube capacities and shorter absorption distances on Ultra‐sorb, Rapid‐sorb, and non‐pressurized single dispersion tubes. Why have tube capacities increased?  New, shorter tubelets allow higher steam flow, increasing capacity without condensate discharge. Less condensate production due to High‐Efficiency Insulated Dispersion Tubes further increases tube […]

DriSteem High-Pressure System provides evaporative cooling and humidification

APRIL 29, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) — DriSteem® announces their redesigned High-Pressure System. The new design adds functionality and enhances evaporative cooling and humidification performance with DriSteem’s industry-proven Vapor-logic controller. Features of the system include accurate, responsive control; multiple zone capabilities; low-maintenance components; and complete water treatment options. Key benefits include: Energy savings. Heat already present in […]

Wade Company Teams with AIRMAX Fabric Duct

AIRMAX provides  industrial ventilation solutions, and more than 36 years ago in response to customer needs they began development of fabric duct products.  This timely response to customer needs resulted in AIRMAX being a pioneer in the fabric duct market. In response to our customers changing needs, Wade Company is proud to join our 54 […]