Monthly Archives: July 2013

Keep Your Humidifier In Top Condition

Poorly maintained humidifiers become maintenance nightmares.  Loose connections, and scale destroy the heating elements.   Scale can make the level probes operate unreliably, causing the humidifier to stay off when you need it most. Check wiring to the humidifier heating elements annually.  There should not be any hardening, or crystallization of the insulation. Check that […]

UV Irradiation Can Help Purify Your Air

Our products from Atlantic Ultraviolet, can help with all your air purification needs through the application of UV irradiation. Atlantic Ultraviolet has provided us with this white paper from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on “Controlling Tuberculosis Transmission it Ultraviolet Irradiation.” You can read more here.

DriSteem High-Pressure System provides evaporative cooling and humidification

APRIL 29, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) — DriSteem® announces their redesigned High-Pressure System. The new design adds functionality and enhances evaporative cooling and humidification performance with DriSteem’s industry-proven Vapor-logic controller. Features of the system include accurate, responsive control; multiple zone capabilities; low-maintenance components; and complete water treatment options. Key benefits include: Energy savings. Heat already present in […]

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation celebrating 50th year developing and manufacturing ultraviolet disinfection solutions for businesses and consumers

Company began as a regional distributor for a big-brand lamp manufacturer Prior to 1963 Atlantic Ultraviolet was a regional distributor of germicidal lamps for a major lamp manufacturer. When the lamp manufacturer appointed additional distributors within the same territory it created increased competition that threatened the company’s ongoing existence. That is until the floundering Long […]