DriSteem High-Pressure System provides evaporative cooling and humidification

APRIL 29, 2013

(MINNEAPOLIS) — DriSteem® announces their redesigned High-Pressure System. The new design adds functionality and enhances evaporative cooling and humidification performance with DriSteem’s industry-proven Vapor-logic controller. Features of the system include accurate, responsive control; multiple zone capabilities; low-maintenance components; and complete water treatment options.

Key benefits include:

  • Energy savings. Heat already present in the air is used to quickly evaporate the tiny, evenly-distributed water droplets dispersed by the system, saving on energy costs.
  • Reduced cooling load. The evaporative cooling effect reduces the building’s cooling load, which provides significant energy savings in applications requiring both cooling and humidification.
  • Reduced water waste. The Vapor-logic controller monitors multiple conditions to modulate and control output of atomizing nozzles for optimal absorption and minimal water waste.

The DriSteem High-Pressure System handles every aspect of the application from the potable supply water source to the cooled/humidified conditions in the air handler, duct, or space.

For more information about DriSteem’s High-Pressure System go to: http://www.dristeem.com/high-pressure-system

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DriSteem designs and manufactures systems to meet the unique humidification and evaporative cooling requirements of commercial, industrial, health care, and process-critical applications worldwide. DriSteem also offers residential and light-commercial humidification systems. With over 45 years of product excellence, innovation, and responsive customer service, DriSteem has earned its reputation as the industry leader.


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