Keep Your Humidifier In Top Condition

Dristeem Humidifiers

Poorly maintained humidifiers become maintenance nightmares.  Loose connections, and scale destroy the heating elements.   Scale can make the level probes operate unreliably, causing the humidifier to stay off when you need it most.

  1. Check wiring to the humidifier heating elements annually.  There should not be any hardening, or crystallization of the insulation.
  2. Check that the electrical connections are tightened to the factory specified torque annually.
  3. Check electrodes for pitting.  Particularly at the water level annually.
  4. Check level probes and floats for proper operation, and that no scale has built up on the surfaces annually.
  5. Check the humidifier tank and submersed parts for cleanliness twice a year.

Even the cleanest water will leave scale in a humidifier over time.  Manual removal can be tedious, and leave a large amount of scale behind to contribute to the death of your humidifier.  Removal with chemicals creates its own problems from the toxicity of the vapors to disposal of the used chemical.

Dristeem De-scaling Solution is a great alternative, and will leave your humidifier looking almost new.  There are no toxic fumes, and most municipalities will allow it to be flushed down the drain.  You can read more here, and an MSDS sheet is for the de-scaling solution and neutralizer are also on the Dristeem web site.

Call on Wade Company and Dristeem for all your humidification needs.

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