Higher capacities, shorter non-wetting distances!

DRI‐STEEM is pleased to announce several new dispersion performance improvements, including
increased tube capacities and shorter absorption distances on Ultra‐sorb, Rapid‐sorb, and non‐pressurized
single dispersion tubes.

Why have tube capacities increased?

  •  New, shorter tubelets allow higher steam flow, increasing capacity without condensate discharge.
  • Less condensate production due to High‐Efficiency Insulated Dispersion Tubes further increases
    tube capacity.
  • Due to the tube capacity increase, Ultra‐sorb Model XV unit capacity has expanded to 1978 lbs/hr.

Why have absorption distances improved?

  •  Current non‐wetting distances are based on absorption testing completed in the early 1990s before the release of Ultra‐sorb. Because Ultra‐sorb was a previously unknown technology, original absorption distances were purposely conservative to ensure trouble‐free operation.  Earlier stated absorption distances allowed for higher fluctuations in steam pressures and in user RH set‐point values. Over two years of comprehensive lab testing, extensive field experience, and the consistent use of high limit devices allows DRI‐STEEM to guarantee shorter (absorption) non-wetting distances on Ultra‐sorb and Rapid‐sorb. Note: Proper system performance will depend on stated steam pressure delivery, user set‐point adherence, and the use of high‐limit devices.
  • As a result, absorption distances have improved between 17 and 42% depending on the specific

What does fewer tubes per application mean?

  • Lower airflow heat gain
  • Lower airflow pressure drop
  • Lower condensate production

You can see the new catalog here, or call Wade Company for help selecting the right humidifier dispersion for your project.


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