You know our customers, but if we are doing our job, you may not know we are there.

World Class Research and Medical Treatment
Libraries and Archives
Doctor's Office Multi-use Office Space
Non-profit LEED Building Testing and Verification
Government Facilities and Data Centers
Historic Buildings and Museums
Museum, Archive and Educational Space
Industrial Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Regional Hospitals and Medical Facilities
Natatoriums, Exposed Duct
From leading research centers and cutting edge surgery suites to office space, this nation leading hospital demands top performance from all of our products and technicians.
Keeping your children comfortable during their activities at the library is just the beginning of our work. The air conditioning system must maintain conditions for the quality of the books and archives, and your comfort, all while meeting a demanding budget.
Multi-use office space can be a challenge for your facilities team. A well implemented control system can allow them to spend more time with tenants and less time on system problems.
Today’s high performance buildings require top performing products, and expert testing verification.
Tax dollars have to go a long way to provide government infrastructure, and it takes creativity and experience to get high quality energy saving systems on tight budgets.
Historic Landmarks take special care to provide a stable environment for the artifacts and displays, and maintain the historic look of the building.
Some of the states most historic treasures are under the care of our systems. Our experience with critical systems, can help find the best products for your applications too.
Quick response, technical expertise, the ability to work on multiple system types, these are just a few of the demands of our industrial customers.
When people you care about are sick, their comfort is the last thing you should have on your mind.
Do you have a specialized or difficult duct application? That is the challenge we like best.